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What need to be done before excecuting a dielectric test on Compact NS / NSX

Does a Compact NS  NSX <630A needs to be disconnected before perform a dielectric withstand test to the swithboard (according to IEC 60439-1).

The dielectric test are performed at 3100V at the end of the manufacturing process. In cubicle we usually make the test at 2500V and the Micrologic for NSX doesn't need any dielectric plug.
Now when you have several NSX in the cubicle the insulation decrease because of the impedance of each Micrologic type E in parallel. When you have more than 6 Micrologic E in parallel the dielectric test fails. So you need to open the NSX in order to limit the quantity at 5 max when you perform the test.
All products can be tested by several trials with different products if you have more than 5 NSX in the cubicle.
When the Compact NS / NSX is equipped with a Vigi / Differential option the connection plate (by removing the 2 screws )on front of the Vigi module needs to be released before performing the test, otherwise the Vigi element will be destroyed.
ENVT option (voltage measurement) is not affected by dielectric test.

For Micrologic versions used in frames above 630A the setting plug on front of the trip unit has to be released before testing

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