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Micrologic withstand regarding operational temperature and relative humidity

Operational temprature -25C - relative namidity 95% How does Micrologic 5.0, 6.0A work at this conditions. Do we have any recommendations ?

CNW and NT have been designed for ambient temperature from -25°c to 70°c; of course Micrologic have the same characteristics.
Concerning the damp heat, we have two kinds of tests :
1- the damp heat with condensation according to the IEC60947-2 annex F and IEC 680068-2-30 severity b means variation of temperature from 25° to 55°c and from 55°c to 25°c six times with 95% RH 2- the damp heat without condensation according the IEC 680068-2-78 means 30°c with 93% RH for four days NW and NT and of course Micrologic have been designed to perform all these characteristics.
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