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Are MCCB in Schneider offer available for 400 Hz application.

We have Compact NSX MCCB in our range that can be used for 400 Hz application with a max. breaking capacity "Icu" of 10 kA.
Due to the higher frequency, circuit breakers are subjected to additional temperature rise for identical current levels, resulting from higher losses caused by Foucault currents and an increase in the skin effect (reduction in the useful CSA of conductors).
To remain within the rated temperature-rise limits of devices, current derating is required.
The power levels of 400 Hz applications rarely exceed a few hundred kW with relatively low short-circuit currents, generally not exceeding four times the rated current.
Derating will be needed in case of 400Hz applications.

Please contact your local Schneider Electric representative for more or application information.
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