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Preventa XU

Safety light curtains

Safety light curtains for detecting intrusion into free access hazardous areas.

Preventa XU
  • Functies

    Type 4 or type 2 safety light curtains

    Multi-beam for finger (14mm) and hand (30mm) detection 2, 3 or 4-beam for body detection
    • Cross section 29 x 31mm.
    • Detection distances
      • Standard models
        • Finger (Type 4 only): 0 to 3m or 1 to 6m (selectable by wiring)
        • Hand or body: 0 to 4m or 0 to 12m (selectable by wiring)
      • Long range models for increased sensing distance
        • Hand or body (Type 4 only): 0 to 10m or 3to 20m (selectable by wiring)
    • Protected heights
      • Finger and hand:160 to 1810mm
      • Body: 510, 810 or 910mm
    Master-slave versions available for daisy chained function (Type 4 only)

    Models with IP69K sealed protection tube available for harsh environments

    Single-beam for body detection (Type 2 only):
    • 1 to 4 detectors 18mm diameter.
    • Detection distance 8m.
    • Protected heights up to 1200mm.

    Options and accessories

    • Dedicated safety relay for muting application
    • Mounting and connection accessories, protection columns, vibration absorbers, mirrors, laser alignment tool, front face protective covers, test rods.


    • Simple to use
      • No programming terminal needed
      • Sensing distances and operating modes selected by cabling
      • Embedded EDM and start/restart functions
    • Compact
    • Compliant with all relevant safety standards


    • All the dangerous machines with free access requiring a zone protection for the security of operators and machines.


    • XU2S + XPSCM