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Welkom op onze website.

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    Real-time Fuel Prices and eBOLs

    Sign displaying gas prices, oil and gas.
    The fuel industry currently faces many challenges, as the economy pressures profit margins, and fuel markets experience price and supply volatility. These factors, combined with increased security and regulation requirements, have forced the fuel market to accelerate the adoption of information technologies.
    • Solutions

      Combat price and supply volatility to help boost profits with real-time fuel prices for your area. Automate and streamline processes with the industry's most comprehensive source of electronic bills of lading (eBOLs).
    • Value Proposition

      • Make smarter buying and selling decisions.
      • Maximize return on investment in existing back-office systems.
      • Benchmark contracts and control customers.
    • Differentiation

      • Industry Leader: Schneider Electric currently manages 80% of supply chain pricing and billing transaction interchanges in North America everyday.
      • Optimized Best Buy Decisions: Automatically calculate every buy option, including transportation costs.
      • Single-Screen Access: Comprehensive fuel-buying information provides a consolidated presentation of real-time rack, spot and market information.


    • Fuel tanker panoramic

      Streamline your analysis
      — quickly and easily gather and analyze information to support your best decisions with everything you need on a single screen.
    • Filling up with gas

      Eliminate information errors
      — with the most comprehensive source of eBOLs to automate and streamline your back-office processes for faster, more accurate invoicing.
    • Gas price sign, oil and gas.

      Prevent missed opportunities
      — better respond to frequent intra-day price changes with fuel price management tools that support buying strategies and protect your margins.