Welkom op de website van Schneider Electric

Welkom op onze website.

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    Certification & Compliance Support

    Improving energy management while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

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    You want a more efficient and sustainable enterprise, and there are many directions you can go in. ISO 50001 certification is logical and sometimes mandatory if you have the internal resources necessary to accomplish and maintain certification. You must consider your staff competencies and whether they have the expertise required to fulfill certification obligations.
    • Improving Your Business

      Whether your goal is sustainability, using less resources, buying energy more efficiently or all of the above, Schneider Electric is the only partner that can help you with everything you need. As part of the strategic panning process, you will be assigned a single point of contact at Schneider. We will identify your goals, energy risk tolerances, action plans and program schedules.

    • Why Schneider Electric?

      • A robust management system that drives improvement
      • Reinforcing corporate brand as sustainable and environmentally responsible
      • Proactive approach to energy management to get ahead of future government or market-driven requirements
    • Difference You Deserve

      Schneider Electric’s capabilities in ISO 50001 certification are unparalleled in the marketplace terms of approach and experience.
      Our world headquarters in Paris, France, was the first ISO 500001 certified site, globally. Since 2011, we have begun the process of certifying all facilities. As of early 2015, more than eighty sites have been certified. We use the lessons learned during certification of our own facilities to improve your ISO 50001 certification experience.
    Hoe oud uw materieel ook is, wij bieden er passende serviceopties voor die onder andere bestaan uit onderhoud, beheer op afstand, reserveonderdelen, training, modernisering en advisering. Al deze opties zijn afgestemd op de 5 belangrijkste fasen van de levenscyclus voor activabeheer. Medewerker en manager in magazijn.
    Successful implementation of the ISO 50001 standard depends on commitment from all levels and functions of the organization as energy policies are established. Consistent processes and procedures are critical to the support of the program, while continuous exploration and improvement will continue to drive your effective energy policy forward.
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      View energy and sustainability issues strategically, ensuring that all decisions support the financial and operational integrity of every facility and building.
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      Leverage Schneider Electric as an extension of your organization that will provide leadership for your entire energy and sustainability management program.
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      Implement a structured, energy management program with a scalable, standardized approach that increases engagement, accountability and drives continuous energy performance improvement at all levels of the organization.