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Welkom op onze website.

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      Energy Performance Services



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      Making your energy more efficient, reliable and green.

      Energy management is becoming increasingly complex, and a higher business priority. Without proper support and guidance, it’s difficult to identify and prioritize available energy opportunities, due to lack of time, resources, and/or knowledge.

      • Improving Your Business

        Our energy experts will help you assess your entire enterprise to understand your current situation, and work with you to achieve your energy goals.

        First, we will evaluate your existing metering, automation and/or power quality systems and provide actionable recommendations.

        Next, let our experts monitor and fine tune your systems to maximize energy savings, efficiency and reliability.
      • Why Schneider Electric?

        For 20 years, our Energy Performance Services team has focused on supporting energy management, optimization, and sustainable performance for our clients. Our offerings cover the breadth of energy performance needs, from ensuring data accuracy to investigating areas for improvement and delivering maximum optimization. We'll work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs.
      • A Difference You Deserve

        We bring clarity to energy complexities by delivering clear, prioritized action plans. Our experts ensure you realize continuous results.
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      Technology solutions to collect and monitor facility- or enterprise-wide energy and sustainability data for reporting and analysis.


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        Increased, sustainable ROI and ongoing quantifiable cost reduction.
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        Increased reliability and efficiency.
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        Deeper understanding of your facility, and clear connection between action and results.