Welkom op de website van Schneider Electric

Welkom op onze website.

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      Microgrid Solutions

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      With our custom solutions, flexible approach and proven expertise, we deliver advanced microgrids that offer grid independence without forfeiting benefits of the central grid. We help you gain maximum uptime and energy management capabilities previously only available to big power producers and distributors.
      • Improve Your Business

        Our microgrid solutions are customized to fit your specific needs. Through demand response management, our solutions adapt to your production taking peaks in consumption and variable energy costs into consideration.
      • Why Schneider Electric?

        Intelligent energy management solutions to make your generation sources smarter.
      • Difference You Deserve

        Backed by over 700+ projects to date, we have proven microgrid expertise, and can partner with you to deliver a customized solution that fits your needs.
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      Microgid intelligence

      You cannot count on utility power to give you the reliability or quality that you need to operate. Even short outages or power quality events can cause chaos for your business, not to mention the internal distribution issues that can plague your operations by increasing downtime, inventory loss, delaying processes or ruining equipment.


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        Power reliability and security
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        Efficiency and optimization
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         Energy sustainability