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Welkom op onze website.

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    Report with confidence and ease

    Sustainability Reporting

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    Key stakeholders such as customers, employees and shareholders are demanding transparency in your operations. You need to be able to compile data from multiple systems, track progress and provide accurate reporting in order to satisfy their requirements.
    • Improving Your Business

      Reporting on the progress of your sustainability initiatives is the key to a successful program and strategy. We will help you accurately collect, manage and report data to all stakeholders inside and outside of your organization.
    • Why Schneider Electric?

      Our sustainability reporting solutions are geared towards supporting the design of sustainability inventories and collecting environmental, corporate social responsibility and other relative data. Resource Advisor is an industry-leading data management and business intelligence platform, which enables efficient and transparent data collection. Our experts establish processes and systems which enable greater accuracy and transparency of data. Once compiled, our expertise with reporting standards maximizes stakeholder recognition and value creation.
    • A Difference You Deserve

      - Award winning, industry leading technology to provide you with the necessary tools for complete sustainability reporting 
      - A global team of experts to lead you along the way 
      - Industry knowledge to keep you informed of best practices for reporting
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    Reporting transparency continues to be required by stakeholders. The ability to provide and report on this data can be critical to business success. Let Schneider Electric's sustainability reporting services alleviate your administrative burden while ensuring your success.


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      Improve transparency in your operations and build trust among your stakeholders.
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      Track progress of energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, identify
      areas for improvement.
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      Comprehensive energy and sustainability data in one common platform to report efforts to key stakeholders.