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Welkom op onze website.

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    Why a Smart City?

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    Regardless of region, cities face challenges worldwide. From growing populations, emergency response, and aging infrastructure, governments need to find innovative ways to address these issues with limited budget for proactive improvement.
    • Solutions

      A truly efficient city requires performance optimization, integration, and investment prioritization to maximize value. This enables a sustainable community with reduced environmental consequences to improve quality of life.

    • Value Proposition

      In less than 40 years, 70% of the world’s population will reside in cities. Urban centers need to become efficient, livable, and sustainable, in both the short and long term, by involving city, citizens and businesses.

    • Differentiation

      Our 5-step approach:

      1. Vision: setting the goal and roadmap

      2. Solutions: technology to improve efficiency

      3. Integration: combining IT and OT systems

      4. Innovation: building the business model

      5. Collaboration: with global and local stakeholders

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    The Smart City Cornerstone: Urban Efficiency


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      • Up to 30% energy savings.
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      • Up to 20% reduction in water losses.
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      • Up to 30% reduction in street crime from CCTV security cameras.
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      • Up to 20% reduction in travel time and traffic delays.
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      • Plus, improved safety and higher quality of life.